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A Peer- Reviewed Bi- Annual International Journal for Analysis and Research in Humanities and Social Sciences  PRINT

GLIMPSES  ISSN 2250-0561

A Peer Reviewed Bi-Annual Refereed International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research PRINT JOURNAL

Submission Guidelines

We accept original theoretical or research articles, book reviews, interviews, poems and short fictions as electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents (Microsoft word only). All manuscripts must be in Font Times New Roman, Size: 12, Line spacing: Single spaced and submitted only as MS Word 2007/ 2010. All manuscripts should strictly follow the MLA 8th Edition Style of Citation. The documents must include name and affiliation details in the body of your submission. Submission must be in single attachment. Subject line must be Submission of Poem/ Fiction/ Article etc. Submission e-mail must include the statement claiming that you have read the submission guidelines, you agree to the policy of the journal and that the submission is original and does not contain plagiarized material.We do not charge any money for publication.

We confine to the thorough peer review process. Hence the manuscript or incomplete submissions will not be accepted for publication. The publication of the papers will be subject to the approval of the editorial board. The authors will be notified as soon as the review process is finished.

No Publication Cost is demanded : As a journal committed to quality research and writing, we are aware of the need to delink quality from publication cost. Hence, our decision to charge no publication fee from the scholars whose papers will be published in the issues of  our journalsAt the same time since  our journals  are  self-financed venture, co-operation and support in the form of subscriptions are solicited from the readers and admirers of English Literature and Language from all over the world.

The Peer review and Ethics policy

Peer review
RUMINATIONS AND GLIMPSES both journals follows the double blind peer-review procedure for submissions of all manuscripts to its journals. All submitted articles/papers are subjected to an extensive peer review in consultation with members of the journal’s editorial board and independent external three reviewers. All papers are assessed rapidly and the decision based on all the peer reviewers’ comments, taken by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, is then conveyed to the author(s). Submissions from the Editor-in-Chief will undergo independent peer-review and will be submitted to another Editor for his decision on acceptance. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis or as an electronic preprint), that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that its publication is approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities where the work was carried out, and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, including electronically without the written consent of the copyright-holder.

Responsibilities of the Editor and board of referees

  1. The Editor-in-Chief is chiefly responsible for acceptance or rejection of an article.
  2. The Editor-in-Chief should generally grant the request of an author who asks, when submitting an article, that particular individual(s) be excluded from the review of that article.
  3. The Editor-in-Chief shall establish a review process that minimizes bias.
  4. The Editor-in-Chief shall subject all articles of a given type to equivalent and unprejudiced reviews. Decisions about acceptance for publication should occur in a reasonable time frame, and (except for issues devoted to special topics) articles should, to the editor’s best ability, be published in the chronological order of acceptance.
  5. The Editor-in-Chief should provide to the authors a written rationale for editorial decisions regarding an article submitted for publication. This is especially important if the article is being rejected.
  6. The Editor-in-Chief shall correct errors in an article if the errors are detected or reported before publication, or publish corrections if they are detected afterward.
  7. Articles submitted by the Editor-in-Chief or an editor of the publication shall be handled by another editor of the publication.

The following listing is designed to make reviewer aware of the various possibilities concerning plagiarism:

  1. Verbatim copying of another’s work and submitting it as one’s own.
  2. Verbatim copying of significant portions of text from a single source.
  3. Mixing verbatim copied material from multiple sources (“patchwork copying”). This could range from 1 or 2 paragraphs to significant portions consisting of several paragraphs.
  4. Changing key words and phrases but retaining the essential content of the source as a framework.
  5. Rephrasing of the text’s original wording and/or structure and submitting it as one’s own.
  6. Mixing slightly rephrased material from multiple sources and presenting what has been published already as new.
  7. The work is cited, but the cited portions are not clearly identified. This can be combined with copied parts of text without citation.

However for review papers the above is not directly applicable. Review papers are expected to give a summary of existing literature. Authors should use their own words with exception of properly quoted and/or cited texts and the work should include a new interpretation.

Format of the Research Papers

Authors are requested to strictly follow the MLA 8th Edition style while preparing the articles.

Authors are also requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

  1. Full title with subtitle, if any. Times New Roman font, size 14, bold (not all capital letters)
  2. Name and affiliation of the author/s.
  3. An abstract of the article of about 100-150 words along with 4-5 Keywords.
  4. Authors should note that the main body of the text should be prepared in such a way that no formatting is needed afterwards. Heading, sub headings and illustrations should be well incorporated within the main body of the article. Times New Roman font, size 12 and justified.
  5. The word-limit for Research paper is 5000 words inclusive of Abstract and Works Cited.
  6. All portions of the articles should be single-line spaced.
  7. Author should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.
  8. All essays submitted must be in English for review.
  9. Plagiarism report of the Research paper duly checked in plagiarism software like viper, Turn it in etc.

Certificate of Accreditation

IAO [International Accreditation Organization Houston, TX USA] is an associated member of the Universal Accreditation Federation which is  located in Walnut Creek California, USA. UAF organizes all associated members under one centralized panel. The goal of all is to ensure that all certified provide a strong framework educationally and socially to protect every interest of every life. Dr. Ram Sharma`s board certified as of this week, April 24, 2012. His selfless efforts in pursuing this certification has resulted in the assurance that his journals are of  the highest standards for use in post secondary education.
We are very proud of you Dr. Sharma and personally speaking, I am honored to be working alongside you in pursuit of a  high standard of life for all humanity.

Karyn Walker
Advertising Editor and Cultural Ambassador Ruminations Literary and Cultural Society

Objectives Of The Ruminations Literary And Cultural Society

This society has been formed as non-profit making institution. Its aim is to promote literary activities, workshops, seminars. It will promote creative and critical writings by editing and publishing books and journals. This society also includes World Peace Mission.

  1. Promote Indian Literatures in English .
  2. Publish international refreed bi-annual journals Ruminations and Glimpses.
  3. Help Ph.D. scholars
  4. Conduct annual conferences, workshops and seminars at various states
  5. Help the members in getting their articles published in other journals
  6. Help the members in getting books published by established publisher and from our own publication house Mantra India Publication, Meerut
  7. Create the awareness among masses across the globe about environment and nature.
  8. To spread message of love, peace and social service through ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Swami Vivekananda, Yogananda and other great persons of the world.
  9. Convince the Minister, HRD, GOVT. OF India and all the states, commissioners/ secretaries/syllabus committees of universities and scholars to to include creative writings of 21st century Indian English writers.

Our Ruminations Literary and Cultural Society will confer Fellow and Literary Giant Awards to those who will have served the society with the contribution of their books, lectures and social service.


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